FeedRoller Portable


Convenient desktop panel with all your RSS feeds, Atom, and Twitter


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FeedRoller Portable is a lightweight, useful, and easy to use application, that will display all of your RSS feeds, Atom and Twitter, directly on your desktop.

A panel will appear on the top part of the screen with scrolling titles, summaries, for how long they have been published, and the latest from news, blogs, and Twitter.

Its customizable interface can always be visible on the desktop or automatically hidden when the computer is in use, for example when running applications in full-screen.

FeedRoller Portable can import and export feeds from other feed readers (that use OPML). Also, by configuring keyboard shortcuts, you can open the news that interest you, by pressing a key instead of having to go to the panel to read it.

Without a doubt, FeedRoller is a convenient application for your desktop that will always keep you informed of all your feeds, even if you are doing other things.

Does not need installation.

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